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The overall goal of the survey was to research the modafinil users’ perceived activities of the drug and how this related to frequency of use. The results indicate that modafinil was regarded as having greater benefits than risks and a greater reported frequency useful was found to result in greater reported benefits. Nearly all respondents reported themselves to be male, employed and university-educated. The perceived dependency on modafinil was low, despite 12% of the sample using modafinil every day.

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The opportunity that individuals may be using modafinil as a supportive treatment for a psychiatric diagnosis warrants further explanation from a public health or clinical use perspective. This link may be suggestive of further beneficial effects of modafinil or, more simply, it may reflect insufficient treatment for psychiatric disorders in some people. The questionnaire did not include questions on current use of psychiatric medications or other medications which could potentially interact, attenuate or boost the effects of modafinil and other medications. It is difficult, therefore, to assess the great things about modafinil in people that have a psychiatric diagnosis in the lack of these details. Further research is required to explore whether there may be any evidence to indicate that people with a psychiatric diagnosis self-medicating via the off-prescription use of modafinil. Individuals with a psychiatric diagnosis did not always perceive greater advantages of modafinil use weighed against those with out a psychiatric diagnosis.

An lawyer by training, he has expertise in local and international government, healthcare and community affairs. Marcelino has spent many years helping people who have their legal difficulties through his public interest law work. He also works arduously to bring resources to communities to ensure their monetary and health development. Alice was the first in her family to obtain a Master’s Degree and has wide-ranging experience working in the non-profit and healthcare sectors. In her previous job, she helped homeowners experiencing foreclosure to avoid losing their homes. During her time there, Alice uncovered a large-scale fraud operation involving individuals deeding homes in foreclosure to themselves.

Almost 9 out of 10 children had received school support, which includes school accommodations and assist in the classroom. Payments will be made, after Court approval, only to consumers who submit valid claim forms. The payments depends on a set dollar amount for each eligible prescription claimed. To find out more about the distribution formula, please refer to Exhibit 4 of the Settlement Agreement. Clinical observations provide strong evidence that modafinil is not generally an adrenergic compound.

This study has discovered that, as the reported frequency of modafinil use increased, the number of perceived benefits increased, whilst the number of unwanted effects remained stable and unchanged. Respondents also reported a lot more benefits than risks and more immediate benefits than longer-lasting benefits. Conversely, those with a reported psychiatric diagnosis perceived greater longer-lasting benefits weighed against those with out a psychiatric diagnosis. This study has provided insight into the profile of modafinil users who are, in this English language study at least, mostly male, American or British, educated, employed and in their mid-20s.